Monday, March 8, 2010

Art with Skulls

Today's collection of work from around the world features artists who use skulls for their blank canvas potential.

Pascal Maugein in Paris,France made vehicle called “Laquered Dogskull”

Iris Priest, who lives in the UK, wrote: “...attached are images of a cat skull I painted with acrylic. The title of the piece is ‘Bird and Anenome or the Civilizing Impulse’...”

Angie Jones from Los Angeles, CA simply said: “I paint skulls :)”

Last for the day is Es Verschoor, from the Netherlands, who told us: “I make skull dolls with real skulls and sculpt the body with epoxy. Everything on this dolls and their base is made by me.” This piece is entitled “Release Me.” (The skulls used are bought from a legal taxidermist who guarantees that these skulls are from animals who died of age, illness, or traffic accidents and not from animals killed for their fur, meat, bones, or lab experiments.)

Born C says:

All the amazing artwork speaks for itself on today. I really like that you all saw the potential with these skulls that are beyond a still life. Thank you all for submitting your individual work. Also if you get a chance be sure to check out the links to each artist above for more incredible work by them.


essie said...

Thank you very much for featuring my piece Release Me among these beautiful works.

Sue said...

Very cool works of
Essie's piece!