Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3D Square Skulls

Dario Soto aka dokuro or kondokuro (jap for skull or blueskull) from Venezuela wrote: “I am a Computer Engineer and a big skulls fan, maybe my whole life. This little art started as a draft on a notepad I had, I really liked it however it needed a ‘kick’ and since I am a big fan of Blender3D I thought I could make this a 3d square skulls, I just had to keep it simple.”

Dokuro also shared the story about this work's evolution: “This is the draft of the art that started on a notepad, as a gift from my girlfriend (now wife) she scanned it and made me clean it up hiding her idea to used it for a cake for my birth day! I liked the outcome so much that this icon served as my ‘avatar’ on deviantArt.”
Dokuro continued the story: “Then I got into squares and cubes (trying to go into simple art, like the chibis from Japanese) and since my skull where kinda different I ended up with this. From here it evolved into the 3D skull.”

Ex nihilo C says:

I really appreciate you sharing the story behind this piece you have created. It is not often we get to see the process of making art in which each step could stand on its own as an independent piece. Thank you for sharing this work and it's creation with us. Also we love to see skull cakes so if you happen to have an old picture of it please send it in.

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Unknown said...

sadly, we ate the hole thing! but, there is time to make another one!