Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Death By Celery And Beetroot" Skull

Chresten Ibsen of Denmark wants to give us something to chew on. "Was cooking some vegetable & bacon dish in a million pieces / pixels and suddenly came up with this one on the cutting board. My kid - Markus - 6 yrs thought it was cool, so we photographed it. Didn´t know about Skull-A-Day till a friend told me on Facebook - after I posted it. Later, we all ate it among a lot of carrots and onions."

Food skulls are always some of the most popular, and probably some of the most fun to make. We were always told as children not to play with our food, but in the name of skull making I say go for it. Besides, you can always eat your creation later like Chresten did. Thanks for sharing this with us and your friends!

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CleoBex said...

looks like fun hehe