Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[BONUS] Tessellated Skull In Use

Tiffany Berkovitz of The Quilted Skull made these absolutely incredible quilts using my Interlocking Skull Pattern! She says, "I made a coffin shaped quilt for my son... and his teacher at school saw it when they went on a class trip.  He was in the army and wanted the same quilt, plus his army t-shirts  so we decided to make the coffin shape with the skulls in the middle."


Tatman said...

Those are some seriously awesome quilts. My mom is big into quilting and I am going to share these with her in hopes that I can get something similar. Thanks for the great submissions.

The Quilted Skull said...

I have a template that I use to cut the skulls out now so if you mom needs any cut let me know.

Kim said...

Both incredible quilts, you have inspired me.