Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - Version 3.50

As skull lovers we all know how bones can resemble stones and today's submitters are here to prove it.

First up is Diane who sent us this great looking rock. She writes, "Yesterday I found this awesome rock with a hidden skull face in it at an exhibit of bonsai and rock gardens, and thought immediately of your blog. I hope you like it!"

Next up is Josh Hartley who made a great discovery on a hike. "I saw this Skull rock, that before being buried, or as soon as the soil erodes was or will be a full skull rock. I thought it was quite interesting seeing as it was half buried and the spring flowers were coming up in front of it’s nose. Symbolic? Hey, they say we see what we want too. I will leave that up to you. The location of this photo is in the Alabama Hills, just west of Lone Pine, CA. and just East of Mt. Whitney. I like to call this one “Ole’ 1 eye has yet to show his face”"

And lastly Amanda Hicks brings us what might be one of the largest skull simulacra ever. She wonders, "if the people of Portland see it driving north on 205."

Thanks to all of you for catching these stone faced skulls and sending them in. It really makes me wonder if Mother Nature is trying to show us her rougher, tougher side with these. If any of the rest of you catch a skull or two on your next outdoor excursion then be sure to submit it. We love seeing what the great outdoors has to offer.

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