Saturday, May 8, 2010

Skull Stencil Saturday (with added [Bonus])

Thanks for stenciling in some time for Skull-A-Day today. As your reward please enjoy these skull stencils.

John-Paul Albinati, who brought us the hockey mask skull, brings us two stencils he made. "This is the microwave at work, I made these stencils (I have many more) out of regular 8.5x11 paper and have held up well enough to use many, many times."

And artist W. Trash/Josh Crumley sends in his cool stencil design. "I do a lot of "urban" art, but I do test sprays before hand.. here is a skull I did for the "summer". "Dead N' tha shade"

As an added [Bonus] Josh even used the Skull Master's Two-Part Stencil Skull with a new twist in colors.

I really like stencil works because it's easy to recreate the images over and over and still keep the quality of the original. Thanks to both of you for sharing your original creations of repetitive art.


Abby Davis said...

The stencils John made are very impressive. There is a lot of detail in those, which means that stencil is fragile. I also love the color combo he used for Noah's stencil. Maroon and pink are always great together. I love seeing color combos that are two shades of the same color.

Josh C said...

Thanks, Im W. Trash/Josh, I am so happy to see my two works on S.A.D! and thanks. I like the pink, it pops out that face so well.