Friday, May 28, 2010

Skull Cups

Paul from Paul and Kate Studio in Richmond, VA created these handmade ceramic cups.

Chalice C says:

Looks like you are Big Skullin’ down in R-I-C. I really enjoy handmade ceramic mostly because every one is unique no matter how similar they look to something else, there are still factors that make it a one of a kind. I also enjoy how this piece loses the traditional base and incorporates the arm like structures that make this appear as if at any moment your cup is going to walk away. Thank you for showing off your work to us.


Abby Davis said...

I really like these. They have a tribal influence. The legs look like tusk. The color and texture of the clay reminds me of ancient pottery.

Divaeva said...

kewl indeed!
*giggles and my woord verification is "evail" I like it!

M Bodhisattva Hill said...

Those are just awesome! I want one! Are they available to purchase??