Friday, May 14, 2010

"The Sausage Skull"

The team from Diabolus, a french graphic design & photo studio, based in Reims-France sent us this work. They wrote “The team is composed of 6 people, graphic designer and photographer. Recently we had to create a picture for an event in Reims : we created a skull for the poster and we naturally thought that we would like to see it on your blog.”

Coney Island C says:

I immediately thought of the annual hot dog eating contest held on the boardwalk when I saw this. This is truly an amazing piece that your team created. I am taken in by skill used in shaping a 3-D skull out of smaller linear items. Thank you so much for sharing your latest creation with with us.


LeelaRocks said...

This skull art soooo made me smile. Very cleverly constucted with a very unique medium...hotdogs!just when i thought i'd seen everything...i love it! well done!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your publication !
And thanks LeelaRocks for your comment ! It's a very nice blog and we're happy to be a (small) part of it !!
kind regards,
Diabolus team