Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesdays With Tatman #50

It's amazing how kids can inspire you sometimes. My 4 year old son(who is also a big Skull-A-Day fan) really liked having these stars on the ceiling in his room so we bought him another pack at the store the other day. Then out of nowhere he suggested, "Daddy, you could make a skull out of these stars." So I gave it my best effort for him and this is what I came up with.

And here it is glowing

Thanks to my boy for the good idea. He was excited to see it and to be a part of making it. I hope I never overlook the great ideas he'll come up with as he grows up.

Each Tuesday in the 3.0 year will bring a new Tuesday With Tatman. As a tribute to the Skull Master's astounding feat let's all get creative and try something new(and hopefully skull related).


Abby Davis said...

did you keep it intact on his wall or ceiling for him? It would be a great star man amongst the other ceiling stars.

Noah said...

Aww, I love that your kid asked for this one!

nitebyrd said...

How fantastic he wanted a glowing skull! Obviously a chip off the old block!

Citizen Agent said...

Moby C said:

Two words: Black Light!

And this