Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - Version 3.52

As the last Sunday in 3.0 brings this year to an end I wanted to post a few simulacrum that were actually made instead of being found naturally. This is a dedication to all of the contributors who have kept Skull-A-day rolling into the next year of 4.0.

Tim Grueschow
of Oshkosh, WI writes, "I'm a Graphic Designer, and we are wrapping this 2002 GSX-R 750 .. The fairng laying on top of the wrap material caught my eye ... Holes in the fairing produce eyes and nose... And the pattern on the wrap beneath.. teeth. Purely serendipitous."

John Karpinsky tells us, "I've been perusing your site for a while, it's always entertaining. Not sure if this counts or not, maybe I'm just seeing things, but this looks like a skull to me."

Eric Vinyard and Lauren Jennings were skull hunting together when they found this one lying on a shelf at Diversity Thrift. "I think it's a wall socket component, but they sure put the bar code sticker in the right spot."

Thanks again to all of you who kept our Sundays filled with images of skull simulacra for this past year. We plan on keeping this tradition going into year 4.0 so keep your skull eyes open and continue to submit them for the rest of our readers to see. Just remember that since we only do this once a week it may take a bit longer to get posted, but it's always worth it. Thanks!

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Polexia said...

wow! the middle one is so cute :P love the metal theme today. so excited for the upcoming FOURTH YEAR!!