Friday, May 7, 2010

Skull Pendants

Marisol Apostol of Wink Artisans in San Diego submitted these pieces

Day of the Dead Skull Pendant (Fine Silver)
Coqueta Skull Pendant (Copper)
C de Mayo says:

First, an extra hello to all our visitors who celebrated this week, Independence is a wonderful thing to be joyful for. Next, I really like skull themed jewelry, from the mass produced prizes at Halloween to these one of a kind pieces. However, I will admit one of a kind are always my favorite. What I like most about your pieces is the incorporation of native metals of silver and copper in the designs. I am in awe of your work with fine silver, and I imagine how easily a piece like that can be damaged in the process of construction. The skill needed to create a piece like this with such a temperamental material is outstanding. Thank you for submitting your work to us.


Abby Davis said...

These are both really exquisite. I love the use of metals, techniques and stamps. The copper one is my favorite, mostly because of the flower. I love wearing flower jewelry and flowers in my hair.

Unknown said...

I am so happy that my skulls made it! I am honored! The Copper skull with the red flower is called Coqueta and yes she is popular.