Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - [BONUS] Mother’s Day

Today being Mother’s Day in the United States I offer a special edition simulacra.

Dw in Minnesota said: “First off, love the site! I'm not a regular poster or anything, but every-time I do visit Skull-A-Day, I'm amazed. So thanks. Attached is my first, and probably only, submission. In a way, I can take credit this as the co-creator of the model since I'm the baby's mama! This is the first child for either my partner and I, and this morning was the big "ta-da" ultrasound moment. Seeing the original image pop up on the monitor made me smile, but I was over the moon later when I saw that the ultrasound-technician had included it in the disc of take-home pics.”

Home Alone C says:

Knowing how old this submission is I am sure by now your child has arrived and has probably done one of the “firsts” that our life journey is measured in. From all of us at Skull-A-Day, happy 1st Mother’s Day to you DW, and also to all the other Mothers (natural, adopted, inherited, or self proclaimed) we also wish you all the best of the best today. Thank You for being our moms.

Keep sending those pictures in to our submissions address. Just keep in mind that since we only post simulacra once a week it might take a little longer than normal for it to be posted.

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