Monday, May 10, 2010

Birds & Skulls

Artist James Kudo from São Paulo, Brazil sent us this work.

Untitled - 2008
pencil and guache on paper

oil on canvas

Central C says:

Thank you for submitting your work. I find your work very interesting, and your skill of creating a faux finish is amazing. For example, when I first saw “Love until Die” you had me completely fooled. The contrast between the white back ground and the faux wooden cut out, as well as other paint techniques made it appear to be a real cut out at first glance. Furthermore, I am intrigued by your subject matter, the juxtaposition of birds with wooden skulls gave me a something to think about certainly with your “Untitled” piece. It made me think about how it is that we use the “bones” of a tree to create shelter for birds only to put those houses back into the tree. What would our reaction be if we saw bones from other sources hanging in a tree. It's an amazing concept to think about how the “death” of something in used to create shelter and encourage life for something else.

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Abby Davis said...

These are both great. I especially love the 2nd one that is all wood grain. I think this would look great cut out of real wood.