Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Girly Skull with Bow

Melanie from Australia sent us "a Cross Stitch I completed of a Girly Skull with Bow."

I really like the overall design. The use of pink and red with the heart eyes and bow make this girly. Technically this is needlepoint, as there are no crossed stitches. I do like the pattern this style of stitching creates. It looks woven, which gives it a great texture and depth. You won't get that with actual cross stitch. This reminds me of a embroidered pillow that my dad made. I used to like rubbing the satin stitches because of the smooth texture they create. Satin stitch, much like the one used in this piece, fills in large areas in a linear way. If I saw this in person, I would have a hard time not touching it.


andytgeezer said...

Eeeek with delight!

Karlei said...

Love it! What amazing workmanship, this would have totally matched the nursery set I made for my daughter when she was born!

Tricia in Chico said...

I covet this.