Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Viveenpaix’s Skulls

“Viveenpaix” wrote: “Your site has so many interesting, inventive interpretations of skulls! Here is a sampling of the memento mori in my life for your page.”

“This is a picture of a skull & crossbones I plasma cut out of carbon steel (I'm a welder and love to ‘doodle’ on scrap metal) next to a skull I drew on what I think must have been a jacket pull?”

“A picture of myself in ghoul mode... nothing wrong with playing dress-up and painting one's face
just for fun, is there?”

Inspired C says:

This is a great collection of items that you have for us. I am always fond of found items that get re-purposed into art as well as art created by the waste left behind from larger projects. The photo of you in makeup is wonderful in the way that it was staged giving the sense that we have surprised you at a time before you had a chance to “put your face on”. Thank you for submitting your work for us to share and be inspired by.

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Anonymous said...

Why I do believe I note Josie Drier's hand in these work. A talented creator, she, and welder's well.