Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adrian's Skulls

Today’s skulls are a collection of work from artist Adrian Vallejo in Amarillo, Texas.

“A wooden sign I designed and painted. It's on 1/2" thick sign plywood and now resides in my workshop / man cave.”

“My leather wallet that I designed and tooled. It represents me and my two daughters. It reminds me to ‘carpe diem’ and how important my girls are to me.”

“This is a doodle I did during a boring office meeting. I had just returned from a week in Italy and was inspired by all the magnificent sculpture I had seen there.”

“Lastly are some stickers I designed & printed back when I was a silk screen printer. They are about an inch tall on clear vinyl like a mini, instant stencil graffiti. I would stick them in random places that I felt needed its ‘skull awareness’ heightened. I found these in a box of old stuff recently and was delighted to see them again.”
Panhandle C says:

This is an amazing collection of talents you have shared with us. If I had to pick a favorite I would have to say the mini stickers are mine. I fully support your quest in raising skull awareness. Speaking of which since you are multi-talented- why not participate in the skull quilt project that is being done for our Skull Awareness Day on June 4th. More details about it can be found here and everyone is welcomed to participate.