Friday, February 4, 2011

Decay’s Skull

Danish Graffiti-Artist Decay “short for Decadence, long for DK - Denmark” told us that they only paint skulls.

CA says:

Thank you for sharing some of your work with us. I am impressed by the scale of the last piece you shared with us. I can't even imagine the patience or skill it takes to do something so large and have it turn out just like you imagined it. Speaking of monumental vision... since it is Friday, I thought about one of the Skullmaster's skulls that we could flashback to here.

**Remember kids, graffiti is illegal if you don't get permission to work there, so don't tell anyone that you decided to do it because you were inspired to do it here!


mischief said...

Wow! That last piece is stunning!

Scott Lewis said...

Damn! Just, Damn! Three things I love, black and white iconic images, street art and skulls. Beautiful work.