Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skull Drawings

MixLerner, from São Paulo, Brasil submitted these skull drawings.

I like the cartoon aspect of these overlapping skulls. It reminds me of Noah's cartoon skulls, but different due to the quirky round eyes and the one with red heart eyes. I could see this working as a fabric print.

Circuses wouldn't be as exciting without the "freaks". It's interesting how much renewed interesting there is in the circus arts. I'm dreaming about aerial arts.

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Unknown said...

Hi. Skulls are easy. Start with two eye socket like circles, then an upside-down heart for the nose. Lastly a row of pluses for the teeth. Voila! A skull. By

fogmama said...

I draw a footprint then fill in the features to draw skulls. (Or quilt them, as I am right now for the Becky's Fund skull quilt!)