Friday, July 24, 2009

Blu-Tack Skull

Sean Steele from Liverpool, U.K. said: "Here is a skull i made from blu tack*, hope you like it."

*Blu-tack from wiki

Fun-Tak C says:

That little blue adhesive goes by many different names, but it keeps the world together. Thanks for submitting your skull to us. I checked out to Blu-Tack home page in order to find out more about this product. Did you know when not making skulls with Blu-Tack that it can be used for holding toll money to a motorbike. I read it on the internet so it must be true. Thanks again Sean and you should consider submitting this skull to their creative page.


Tatman said...

Of course this will remind a lot of readers of The Red Skull. Or maybe it's the skull of Mr. Bill?

jaz said...

hi...just found your blog. you might want to check out the skulls on mine. just click on skulls in the sidebar!

Kim said...

Surprisingly I didn't make that Marvel connection. Seems obvious, now, thanks for pointing it out! :)