Monday, July 20, 2009

Storm Drain Skull

Jea from Miami says: "...found your book "Skulls" at Barnes & Noble in South Miami today and added it to my favorites collection. we just had a major Thunder storm roll through and leave a lot of debris near my abode so I thought you might enjoy these images as Skulls are every where!! "
A detail
Tropical Depression C says:

"Skulls are everywhere!" indeed. I like that you were inspired by the Skullmaster's book and decided to go and make a skull for yourself. Your use of found materials to build upon a permanent object is amazing, and I am glad you took pictures before the next storm came through to wash it away. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

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Tatman said...

The slight flooding in the background of the top pic makes it look like a skull just happened to appear, like a natural disaster does. Nice work!