Friday, July 31, 2009

Silver Skull Spoon

A long time fan of Skull-A-Day has submitted another great piece of work to us. The Silver Skull Spoons are made by Pinky Diablo (aka Tom Sale). They are available directly from the artist here
Affluent C says:

First I love how this photo has an eriey glow about it. It reminds me of being invited to Tea with the damned. Another great example of upcycling found items into art. I see plenty of single spoons at flea markets, now I know what I can do with them... send them to you to make art with. Thanks for submitting your work to us. For those who weren't born into this life, the Skullmaster in Skull-A-Day 1.0 showed us how to make another version here .

[UPDATE from Noah] So I had to ask Tom if he was influenced by my Skoon or if this was just a bit of synchronicty on our parts and this was his answer..."The answer is both! I had been thinking about skull spoons when I saw your cool spoon and some skull absinthe spoons a while back – I have been painting skeletons for several years and made a version of your skull out of a plastic spoon to go with bone collection. Then started toying w working them w/ ornate spoons. I have also made some cow skulls out of some longer grapefruit spoons."

P.S. If anyone is interested in buying my original Skoon, it's for sale via the gallery where it's currently on display HERE.


Tatman said...

These are AWESOME! A sure favorite of Rick Schroeder. Sorry, I couldn't help that.

Sam said...


iblogalott said...

First thing I thought when seeing these wicked awesome spoons was Absinthe!

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