Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grafitti Wallpaper Skull

U.K.'s Rob Hilken shows us his skullified home improvement. He writes, "Hi, I found your sight and thought you might like this graffiti I did in my back yard. I had to piece together the image in photoshop as my yard is quite small and I couldn't stand back far enough to get it all in, but you get the idea."

Awesome looking work, Rob. Your site and deviant art page have tons of great stuff. Has anyone else done any skullified home improvements? Be sure to submit them. And don't forget that even your backyard qualifies as a place to have fun with our current contest.


Kim said...

I want that "wallpaper" print on a bolt of fabric... So awesome.

Kate8085 said...

This is amazing!!!
Fabulous, fabulous work!