Friday, July 17, 2009

Lampwork Glass Skulls

Eliza Zelachowski from Pompano Beach, Florida says: "I am a lampwork glass artist in my spare time. That means I melt rods of colored glass about the size of pencils with a small torch into works of art and glass beads to be used in jewelry, home decor, and collecting. I have made many calaveras (day of the dead skulls). Each calavera is made one at a time with primitive tools such as small knives and pointed metal rods to shape the glass. There are no molds or presses involved. "

Murano C says:

Thank you for sharing your amazing work with us. One of my favorite parts of being a guest editor on Skull-A-Day is being able to experience the vast diversity of art forms that are practiced by our loyal fans.


PearsonMetalArt said...

Great work, they remind me of hard candies for some reason. They look good enough to eat

Tatman said...

Handmade skulls are always the best. Great work!