Monday, July 6, 2009

Skull Purse

Heather Rigney, who made this cigar box purse, said: "Around the time that I created this purse I had been fascinated with the religious overtones mixed with skull imagery found in old New England cemeteries near my home. The entire box is covered in bible verses from a Catholic bible I found on the street. The back of the bible, strangely enough, had floor plans for various cathedrals. Those are the cross-like, yellow shapes on the sides. The next layer is a mixture of purple rice paper and ceremonial Chinese Joss paper. The image of the skull with wings was created by combining two 17th or 18th century gravestone rubbings of a skull and an angel. I had combined the two images in Photoshop. "

Fashionista C Says:

Another fashionable skull accessories. I love the reuse of materials that would normally end up as trash. This an an excellent example of "upcycling ".

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Tatman said...

Another one for the ladies. I also like the other one on your blog