Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ides of Skull Fanatic: WoOpeR

As you can tell from the title, on the 15th of each month during year 3.0 we will be featuring another fanatic who makes Skull-A-Day so special for all of us. Sit back, grab your favorite soothsayer and enjoy a part of Skull-A-Day that even Caesar himself would not be fearful of.

This month's ├╝ber fanatic is Alan Trallero (WoOpeR) from France. He made a private room in his home "with a lot of skull" as he says. Here are the pictures of his private room.

Peeping C says:

Thanks for opening up your private domain to us. You have truly earned the title "Fanatic". I wish I could have shared all the amazing detail shots you sent in, but that would take a week.

Perhaps WoOpeR would be happy to share them with you if you leave a comment. Unfortunately, his blog is NSFW/K so he will need to come up with an alternative place to post them for us to share it.

Are you a certified/certifiable Skull Fanatic? If so, send an image or two, maybe a video of your personal skull/skeleton collection and tell us a bit about what makes you so crazy for skulls, how many skulls you own, and whatever else you think is pertinent!


Tatman said...

Wooper is a CRAZY skull fanatic. That is seriously one impressive display!

The Frog Queen said...

Oh my that is a very respectable collection :D

Thanks for sharing that with us. Quite remarkable.


Sam said...

OMG...when i get a place of my own...just watch!