Friday, July 3, 2009

Inspiration Skull

9 year old Ryan was inspired by the Skulls book purchased by her mother.

Ryan's mom wrote: "... we've had a lot of fun with it [the book] in our family. I have a 9 year old daughter who was inspired to create this from a folded piece of notebook paper. I thought it was genius. Her little brother managed to rip part of it...what would be a tooth, but other than that you can see it's symmetrical. I thought it was pretty impressive. You should notice the feminine qualities in this skull. She has somewhat of a do and girly shaped eyes. It's definitely a girl. "

College Ruled C says:

Congratulations Ryan on your first skull submission to Skull-A-Day. If you are not already aware our beloved Skullmaster's first skull was also a cut paper skull. Ryan don't forget to try you hand at one of the monthly contests we are doing this year. You can find the current one here. We would love to see what else may inspire you.

Speaking of the Skullmaster, if you are near Richmond, VA you need to go check out some the origional skulls in person during his show at the Quirk Gallery. The Show opens tonight (7-3-09) with special night hours from 7:00PM-10:00PM.


Tatman said...

This is definitely the first paper snowflake skull. Great work, Ryan. Maybe others will try this in a little different style. Remember, no 2 paper snowflake skulls are alike.

Kim said...

Reminds me of those skullflake cutouts from one of the old brain cases. It looks great, Ryan must be quite a budding artist. :)