Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June Contest: The United Flags of Skull-A-Day

Thank you for all that participated in the June 2009 Monthly Contest. The submitted flags show the global reaching of Skull-A-Day.

You can find Skull-A-Day 3.0 guest editors Tatman's and Citizen Agent's flags by clicking their names.

Bram Roza from Gouda - The Netherlands
"I instantly thought of the Olympic flag. I know its a bit corny but I want to submit it anyway."

Chris Davis creator of Davis Graveyard in Milwaukie, OR
"We hang these banner in several places in the yard display."

Marco "Kanibal" Almengor from Greenville, NC
"I am enclosing what my " Jolly Roger" would look like. It is in good keeping with the Pirate traditions. It is battle proven and would sail high and proud through all rough and deadly seas."

Diane from the Detroit, MI area made this collage

Shay Hall "It is all hand-beaded and buttoned, and has actually been used as a flag at my home renaissance faire."

Tierney C. Thomas from Naperville, Illinois/Frisco, Texas
"It's made up of drawings on assorted fabrics and papers. No stencils used here! ;) The Latin script translates to "Satan's Blood House." Basically the point of this flag is to represent Hades, such as a country has it's own flag."

Peter wrote: "An old blanket, a cut up bed sheet and we can all be pirates (with a few marker pens and a bit of processing)"
Ren from Tulsa, OK
"It was originally created to tease a friend who claimed she wasn't a nerd and i wanted to encourage her to "let her geek flag fly". i guess it's pretty much the flag for nerdsylvania, eh?"
Kim from Australia
"There is no strong symbolism in my design, really I just had some fabrics I've been wanting to work with for a while. I wanted the result to be rough but still feminine, and really tactile."

"Pink woven fabric hand blanket stitched onto a black rayon knit. I wanted an action shot of my little flag, and found a handy flagpole amongst my tomato plants. Since it's midwinter here, they look a bit shabby."
Kim also submitted this design
"I had a go at adding in the University Skull-A-Day acronym, ... with Noah's first skullphabet."

Finally our random winner chosen from all the entries is

Eric Vanderkooi from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The flag is "...acrylic paint and charcoal done on the bottom of a found wood drawer from an antique chest of drawers that had survived a house fire."

And now tell him what he's won....
June 2009 prize

The prize was donated by longtime friend of the project artist Larry Pearson of Pearson Metal Art he made the absolutely incredible Skull-A-Day award from plasma cut steel!

Just because the contest for the special prize is over, doesn't mean you can't be inspired. Check out the July 2009 contest here.


Tatman said...

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries. They were all fun to see. I hope they inspire others to get involved with the July Contest.

Noah said...

Great job everyone!

Phil said...

I like them all, but I also have my favorites. The Olympic one, the button one, and the pennant style one.

The Frog Queen said...

Love them all. Especially the Olympic one - that is just inspired!

Every one did great. Thanks for featuring our Davis Graveyard banners!


PearsonMetalArt said...

Great entries everyone! Good thing the winner was chosen randomly, it would have been very difficult for you guys to pick just one.
Congratulations Eric, your prize will be shipped shortly, be sure to send us a picture after you hang it.

Alex said...

these aren´t all the flags submitted, mine isn´t there.
Are there more? can we see them?

Nice job everyone!

Tatman said...

Alex, sorry for the confusion, but perhaps we didn't receive it. Please email us at the submission entry so we can discuss this. I'd hate to leave out an entry. Thanks.

Tierney T said...

Fantastic! I love them all. Great work everyone!

Thanks for linking my name to my blog guys! I know I've sent you a few other random submissions that I hope you enjoy.

Viva la Skull-a-day! :-E