Thursday, July 16, 2009

War Suit Skull

Comic artist Rob Marsh invades Skull-A-Day with his robotic bad guy from his all ages webcomic December Sun. Rob tells us, "I've got a skull/robot/battle suit image from a webcomic that I draw that I'd like to share. I penciled and inked this myself for the comic. Basically, it's a war suit worn by enemy characters in the webcomic in an upcoming issue."

That's a pretty killer looking war suit. I'll definitely be looking for the next issue of December Sun to see this in action. Hopefully the other skulls that we post won't be too intimidated to appear.

Or maybe there's an army of these skull warriors invading your favorite vacation destination. Get a pic of them along with an "I ♥ Skull-A-Day" sign of some type and submit it for this month's contest.


Kim said...

This is so cool, it's like Punisher meets Days of Future Past. Going to check out this web comic. :)

Rob said...

Thanks for including my illustration. I really get a kick out of skull-a-day and all the variation in skull imagery that people send in. Keep up the good work!

Shellie said...

That is one badass looking dude coming my way! Reminds me a bit of the futuristic movement in art...He's all about movement...Reminds me a bit of Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending Staircase...I love it!