Friday, July 3, 2009

[Flashback Friday] 261. Skullmouflage

Flashback Friday is a weekly countdown of the fan selected top 52 skulls of Skull-A-Day 1.o. Each week I'll be posting an original skull along with some additional commentary in order from lowest to highest rated, with the #1 skull appearing in the last week of year 3 of the project...

#48: 261. Skullmouflage

I really wanted to make this look as much like real camo as possible, so I researched it online and found that the shapes tended to be more horizontal than vertical so I all made the skulls go sideways to match that, hopefully it also made it look more like camo on first glance. I did eventually make this into a repeating pattern, which you can grab HERE to use as a background image if you like.

This pattern is available on a notebook from the fine folks at Modofly. You can see a picture of an actual one HERE.

And hey, if you're interested in buying this as actual fabric let me know, I'm considering offering a limited amount for sale.

[UPDATE] This skull has now been added to the Facebook Send-A-Skull application!


Tatman said...

A skullmouflage shirt would rock!

Citizen Agent said...

G.I. C said:

And yet another I missed the first time around. Although, I do have an excuse since I probably didn't see it there.