Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Skullday

I thought today I would share a few skulls that are Black and White and Skull all over

First up is Stephen from KY/NC, who said: “So excited I found your site last night! I've been quite a skull lover since I was just a kid. I did this today while I was bored at work, i used permanent marker and white out, then photoshopped the image when I got home. ”

Next up is Tyler M. Whaley who made this skull image using hexagons.

and last up is a old friend of Skull-A-Day Joseph, AKA Jozip, from Sedona, Arizona met the Skullmaster's logo challenge with this piece.

Monochrome C says:

Thank you all for submitting your work for us to feature. I think what I like most about all these pieces is the use of a single color pallet, its simple, classic, but powerful. Keep up the great work.

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Tatman said...

The hexagonal one is sweet!