Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eyes Of The New Gods Skulls

Creator of the "Transformation Skull" , Kenn Twofour, brings us more of his wonderful screen print skulls. These are titled "The Eyes of the New Gods, Jumbo Skulls. King and Queen versions."

The King

The Queen

And a scale shot to show you the size. Kenn tells us "The Jumbo skulls are 16 inches wide by 22 inches tall." They are for sale on his website for $60.00 each plus shipping.

If you want to see more of Kenn's works then check out his flickr page: Twofour Design. Awesome stuff, Kenn! Thanks for sharing.


Quincifer said...

Lovely work, I like the subtle background design.

Abby Davis said...

I love the intricate back ground combined with the bold skull.

Shannon said...

These are amazing! I love the very subtle images in the background.