Saturday, November 7, 2009

Skull Doodles, or Skoodles?

I feel that a bonus is in order to celebrate the weekend so today I wanted to share the work of a couple of skull doodlers, or skoodlers? if you will.

Mark Bateman wrote to us saying, "It was a typical rainy British work-day lunchtime and I thought to myself what better way to brighten up my day than a rainy lunchtime skull doodle! It did brighten up my day so I have submitted it so it may brighten up yours!"

Luckily, it's sunny here today, Mark, but I'm sure that this would brighten any skull lovers day.

Next is a trio of skull doodles from Warren at The Doodle Daily. Warren did these in honor of the inspiration he has found at Skull-A-Day causing him to start his own 365 blog. His first doodle skull is found here. These were done for a Halloween offering, but seriously, it's almost like Halloween on here everyday.

Thanks for skoodling the hours away to both of you. My doodles never amounted to anything except for getting me in trouble.


Quincifer said...

Skoodle is a fantastic word!
Ace pictures.

Doodle Daily said...

I like the term "Skoodle" that you gave to these. My doodles were fun to do. Thanks for including them here. Skull-a-day is one of my favorite blogs to visit. I'm always amazed at the creativity of others and how you see skulls in everything. Hopefully "The Doodle daily" can create the same kind of buzz. I look forward to blogging about this later.

Keep the creativity alive.

Kim said...

Nice. My doodles certainly look nothing like those.

Tatman said...

I'm glad that everyone likes the term "skoodle" It made me laugh when I thought of it.