Friday, November 6, 2009

(Some) Hand Skulls

Lets give a really big hand for today’s skulls.

The first is from Bob Cutlip from Lorain, OH. He wrote: “Three scanned images, crinkled sepia parchment, thumbs and fingers. Look like a Mr. Ed skull. ”

The next comes from David Garrett who said: “I've recently discovered your skull-a-day project and site. I'm an artist who specializes in iPhone art of Memento Morti.” This skull is done with his hands.

On the pulse C says:

Thank you both for submitting these interesting interpretations of skulls done with your hands. I really love when we have one of those moments in our submission box when two complete strangers are inspired to create a skull using the same medium. I can't stress enough times how much the work like you both submitted is what makes my duty of an editor fun. On a side note, when I was entering today’s labels I noticed that the label “hand” was already in our files. Another fun thing about being an editor is rediscovering some forgotten work from the Skullmaster's original 365.25 , and since it is Friday, let me flashback to this piece that I rediscovered today.

1 comment:

Abby Davis said...

I love it. I will have to show this to my daugther. She has been making a bunch of shadow puppets lately.