Monday, November 16, 2009

Clay and Paper Skull

Stéphane Chassignole from Marseille - France sent us this skull that he described as being made with clay, covered with paper, and a bit of paint.

Muppet Wrangler C says:

It just might be all the influence of the recent Sesame Street celebration but this reminds me of what a Muppet skull might look like. Thank you submitting such an extraordinary piece. Also if you get a chance to check out Stéphane’s link at the top, there is another interesting skull in the “atelier” section.


DarthMarmite said...

Looks like 'Jack Skellington' from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'... as designed by Clive Barker! Unsettling...

1001 ŒiL said...

You can find several of my skulls and much more on my facebook page :