Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Food Skulls

Sage from Colorado wrote: “Here's to cookin' up some art. [This] is a photo of a banana skull i made the other morning. If you scratch a banana when you first get it, you get some great designs that appear after a few days.”

Sage went on to say: “The second photo is some cupcakes that my roommate made for my birthday. She knows I'm pretty much obsessed with skulls so I showed her how to draw one and she made some herself! I'm so proud :). ”

Brian C says:

This! Thanks for submitting your food skulls to us, they are great. Thank you also for the banana tip, I can't wait to give it a try. Best of luck on all your skull endeavors, and I look forwards to seeing the finished bottle caps project you mentioned on your blog.


Abby Davis said...

just more motivation to make skull cookies.

Quincifer said...

All this food talk is making me want cake.....but I can't have any, argh! (no sweets/dessert month)