Monday, November 16, 2009

C-Rations: 0C11000

This week’s offering is Cranberries, Jellied.

“In your head” approx. 4" X 3" X 3" canned cranberry jelly carved

pilgrim C says:

When I went into the store today, there was a huge display for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. Seeing the giant display of cranberry jelly cans made me think of this song and the rest is C-story. While the strife in Northern Ireland is no longer making the news it did 20 years ago, there are still plenty of places in the world today that could use our attention , please keep them in mind this holiday season.

Remember each Monday during the 3.0 year I am posting an original skull design. My weekly offerings are nothing compared to the one-a-day massive project done by the Skullmaster in 1.0, but hopefully you will find some nourishment in these weekly offerings.


Noah said...

Ha, fantastic! That must've been a tricky one to carve and photograph, great work!

Kim said...

The sculpting of tinned jelly would certainly require skill. But it looks so... gross. :D

Tatman said...

I have never liked that stuff...until NOW! That must have been difficult. Great work pulling it off. I love how the lines of the can are still on it. It would be even better if you got it back into the can and asked someone else to pour it out for you. PLOP- Happy Skullgiving Day!

Anonymous said...
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