Thursday, November 26, 2009

Seaside Village Skull

JP from way down in Houston, Tx writes to us, "I went to some fun little place called Pinot & Picasso out in Houston. Concept being, bring your own food and drink and they provide canvases and paint and teach everyone to paint while they get drunk. The painting they picked to teach everyone to paint was called "Seaside Village". I kind of went off the grid with my own thing and the attached photo is what came out. I still titled it "Seaside Village" for laughs. Posted it up on my Facebook page and a buddy pointed me to your project. Figured what the Hell? Why not submit it? Cheers."

I love the fact that you kept the title even after doing your own thing. Lesson learned, don't let others always confine you to one idea, no matter what they call it. Thanks, JP!

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