Friday, November 20, 2009

Virtual Farm Skulls

As many of you are aware Skull-A-Day has been a member of the Facebook community since February 12, 2008. If you have not yet done so you can become a fan here. The Skullmaster has even developed a Send-A-Skull app so that you can send skulls to all your friends. While no other app can compare to his (IMHO) there are some that have worked their way into everyone’s Live Feed... they have proven the reason why you can't spell “Ville” without “Vile.” Sorry, I digress. Now, without further commentary, today’s skulls show off the creativity that can be found in the current Farmville game phenomenon.

Tina Carson wrote: “Unfortunately I got sucked into Farmville of Facebook, but I let my skull addiction come through on the farm,LOL.”

Zook said: “So. I started playing Farmville on Facebook (I'm an addict) and decided, as one of my first priorities, to build a skull out of white and gray hay bails. Wheee...”

Since I landed in the social media world, I also have been playing with virtual farming. The app I use is called myfarm. Since it was on today’s topic and Friday after all let me flashback to two of my attempts at creative virtual skull farming.

You may recognize the first one from this original Skull.
This one was inspired from here.
Tron C says:

Facebook apps: either you love them or you hate them. However, let me tell you there is no question that we love when our readers are inspired by the Skull-A-Day and create something unique for us to share. Thank you both for submitting your art with us, now get back to work you have ribbons to earn and cows to find.

P.S. If anyone out there still plays myfarm you can friend me here and be my neighbor.


Abby Davis said...

great, now I want to play farmville just so I can make virtual skulls. I also am tempted to plant flower bulbs in the shape of a skull and surprise the neighbors come spring...

Zook said...

I've also been tempted to build a skull into the farmland itself, but it's such a pain in the patooty! We'll see. Maybe during my next major overhaul of the farm...