Thursday, November 26, 2009

Leftover Skulls

After the big meal it’s time to join us for dessert. Today we offer a few slices of Pumpkin Skulls as we celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy this special bonus treat from Skull-A-Day.

First up is a submission by Shane Fleming

Siobahn from Orange county California wrote: “Been a long time fan of both skulls and skull-a-day and thought i would share my skull pumpkin! This pumpkin is made by scraping the skin rather then carving, and i’ve found that clay working tools work the best and then to just paint with some glue or modge podge and they last much longer then your average pumpkin.”

Nathan Cavanaugh said: “Here's a skull king pumpkin that I carved along with a couple that my wife carved.”

Mike Tabie from Brooklyn, NY told us: “I love your blog, its one of the highlights of my rss feeds. Just wanted to say thank you. Ive always wanted to send in a submission, so here it is. He is a zombie pumpkin skull I painted for my girlfriend this past Halloween.”

and last G. Foster wrote: “This is a skull I made for a Halloween pumpkin in my yard-haunt display.”

C= π(skull²) says:

Although the calendar says we still have a few more weeks of Fall, Thanksgiving in my option always is the death of the season. From here on out it’s snowflakes and snowmen around my neighborhood until spring. Thank you all for taking the time to submit your wonderful creations. If you get an inkling to decorate something before next year, I hear turnips are the way to go, but they don't make very good pies.

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Unknown said...

These are completely awesome!