Wednesday, June 23, 2010

C-Rations: LV

This week’s offering is chenille pipe cleaners

“Cocoon” 8" x 6" x 5" 20 white & 6 black chenille pipe cleaners twisted together.

Caterpillar C says:

I never realized until I was working with these about what a great play on words these craft supplies are. As a kid I remember doing projects with real pipe cleaners that came in that cool yellow sleeve it is interesting to see how something that at one time was so utilitarian has now turned into a craft item that kids use. This week, I also offer some words of advice. No matter how many you think you may need buy the large package, because if you don't have any idea what you are doing when you start, you are going to end up with a nice collection of failed attempts that are difficult to re-bend.

My weekly offering of original skull designs were posted on Mondays in year 3.0, and now I am posting them each Wednesday during year 4.0 . Knowing the personal pressures of a creating a piece each week, I tip my hat to the massive one-a-day project that was undertaken by The Skullmaster, during the original Skull-A-Day year.

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Noah said...

Great work and good job finding yet another medium I haven't tried! Also love that it's photographed on an actual pipe!

Chris Z. said...

Cool! I had plenty of the old style pipe cleaners in the yellow package growing up thanks to my dad's smoking habits. Chenille stems are fun, I've done quite a few things with them and they come in some ridiculous diameters now.