Saturday, June 12, 2010

Skulluxe Skateboard Skulls

Long time Skull-A-Day friend Dan Springer is back again today with some kick ass skateboard deck designs that helped out more than just us here at Skull-A-Day. This info comes from his blog: "I have been kicking around this idea in my head for a year or two but just never had the kick in the pants to try it, then my friend Joey asked me to be in a charity skate deck show so that was all I needed. It is a 3D anaglyph printed by using 2 laser etched skateboards... each slightly different to account for the object either popping in the foreground or receding into the background. I am surprised it work, it took alot of trial and error to get them to a point where I could pull off a decent print. I finally ended up using a high density sponge (actually the back of a foam stamp) to blot the ink onto the decks and then I aligned the paper and used a rubber roller to back of the paper to get a good contact."

Here's the 3D design on a white background so get out your glasses. Unfortunately I need to get a pair for myself so I can witness this awesomeness.

The actual decks look totally sweet and auction worthy.
*Sorry to censor your pic, Dan, but we try to keep things family friendly.

This third deck features Dan's super skully Skulluxe logo.

Wooden decks with skulls,
pass along the art and soul
of the free spirits.

These decks were displayed and sold at "Another Disposable Art Show" which was a one night silent auction fundraiser for "Free Skates" a charity that supplies boards to underprivileged kids. Kudos to you, Dan, and all those who participated in this stellar function that helps out in so many ways. Not only is the art you created original and amazing it reached out far beyond your studio to help others. Thanks for sharing these with us and thanks for passing on your love of skulls and skating.

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