Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - Version 4.4

Let the skull hunting continue onward as we bring you even more of the unseen skulls that surround us everyday.

Mike Strick writes in with this beautiful spider pic. "Thought you might enjoy this picture of the false widow spider (Steadotoda nobilis) that lives in our kitchen. She's quite shy and usually hides away in her web, so I was glad to get this shot that shows her skull pattern so clearly!"

Virginian Richard Pettus made a great discovery once he got home from a recent trip, "Here is a photo I took yesterday at Lake Jocassee in SC. I was unaware there was a skull face cloud event until I looked at the photo later."

Danielle Roberts found this natural beauty on Blackhawk Trail at Mt. Madonna County Park. "I don't know if this counts because it looks like a crow skull, but I thought it was neat looking."

It's images like these that keep me searching my own personal world for skull simulacrum. Great pics by all of you. If you are lucky enough to catch a skull simulacra then please submit it to us and we'll be happy to display your trophy.


PearsonMetalArt said...

Wow! All 3 of these are great

RubySkeleton said...

Whoa that spider is freaky! Very kewl though.