Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eye Skull

Keely from Calgary said: “I've been following Skull-A-Day since the beginning. I make a ton of stuff, and true to my life's work as a mortician, much of my art is skull and death related. This is a collage of eyes, and it glows in the dark. Its on a 6' by 5' canvas and the skull is 2' by 3'. ”

Black Light C says:

The votes are in, and it looks like the “eyes” have it! This is an amazingly created piece, as well as a pretty amazing artist background that goes with it. Thank you for submitting the extra photo of what this looks like in the dark. I very much like that you are able to see the brush strokes in the paint at night. It makes me think of all the dangerous things that can hurt us that we can not see as well as all the unknown that is left behind after things are “cleaned.” We look forward to seeing more of your inspired artwork in the future.

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