Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - Version 4.1

To kick off the new 4.0 year I wanted to share some really good simulacrum to start the year off right.

This first find is from skull hunter Scott Bolan who found it in an appropriate place. He writes, "These are two photos of a cemetery in Huaycan Peru. I was there working with a non-profit organization called the Light and Leadership Organization. The picture is from zone Z in Huaycan Peru. A settlement outside of Lima Peru that was created to escape a terrorist organization call The Shining Path."

Second, skull hunter Jeanette Bueno Verastegui sends greetings and a skull from Monterrey, NL Mexico. "I have several photos of a skull shape that I saw when I was about to drink my beer. I love skulls, but I sure I did not manipulate it."

And last we received this from skull hunter Matthew Gibney who simply states, "These are spots on Bobby's pup Sarah."

Thanks again, skull hunters, for keeping your eyes open and submitting these for us to show. If any of you other skull hunters out there find some simulacra then please submit them and we can keep this Sunday tradition alive(and dead). Just remember that it may take a little longer to get posted since we only do this once a week.

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