Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Skull-A-Day Press: The Big Jewcy

The folks at have kindly included me in their The Big Jewcy list, which features 100 people they think are worth knowing about! Read their interview with me about all kinds of skull-related stuff HERE.

Also if you're in NYC this Thursday they're having a party to honor the folks on THE BIG JEWCY and I will be there, so why not come by and say hi. Details are HERE.

p.s. is actually in the middle of their fund drive right now, so if you like what you see there, why not kick them a few bucks!


Abby Davis said...

Very cool! Congrats. I like the play on words for the website name.

So many books, how do you keep them all straight?

Doodle Daily said...

This is awesome. I wonder if a South African Jewish doodle artist can be "jewcy" too? I will send them some of my work and see what they think, maybe the Menorah's I did last Chanukah or any of my jewcy doodles. Didn't know you were also a yid.

I am really looking forward to your new book coming out in Dec. If you plan on coming up to MD or DC for book signing, let me know.

I am now just 2 weeks away from completing my 1st 365.