Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Skull Earrings

Sarah S. is here today to display these delightful skull earrings she made. "This is a pair of earrings I sculpted and painted. It's my own take on a Dias de los Muertos design."

Hanging skulls on lobes,
celebrating those who past,
with white, toothy grins.

These have to be some of the cutest little skulls out there, Sarah. Great work on the details. I know that our new editor Azurafae will be a big fan of them as well as a lot of others.

At the time that Sarah submitted these they were for sale at her Etsy store, but unfortunately they have sold since then. Maybe she'll make more if some of you ask her nicely enough. Maybe.....

1 comment:

Abby Davis said...

Tatman know me too well...yep, they are exactly what I would like. I love how little they are, but have such great details and colors. They are great. I would love to have a pair, so hopefully she will make more.