Monday, January 24, 2011

2010 Skull of the Year Winners Announced

Designers Skulls' 2010 Skull of the Year winners have just been announced!

Since I won last year I decided to lend my services as a judge this year.

This year's first place winner is Andreas Ivanof. His entry was a very impressive interpretation of an aerial view of the German city of Ulm which he first outlines and then transforms into both a robotic and realistic skull illustration. The images take a while to load, but are worth the wait.

Congratulations to the top 9 finalists as well, including our friends Dan Springer (who won first place in 2007), Charlton Yu of Everything Burger, and Camel who is part of the Mailart365 project.

See all of the winning skulls from this year as well as previous winners HERE.

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