Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Skull Quilt Project: Amperskull

If you all don't already know, we are working on a group project to make a quilt for Becky's fund. We are requesting that you all mail us 12" x 12" quilt blocks decorated with any kind of skulls. For more information on the project, here are the details. The deadline for me to receive them is May 28th, 2011. In June, we will be auctioning off the quilts containing the blocks we receive. The proceeds will go to Becky's Fund which is an organization that helps victims of domestic abuse. I will update you all weekly with the new blocks we receive and any new information I have about the project.

The 1st one that I received was from Allison Schumacher, from Richmond, VA. It's a skull in the shape of an Ampersand, hence the name "Amperskull". This one contains three different fabrics, lots of stitching and beading. It's even more beautiful in person.

I look forward to see all the lovely blocks. I will be making my own quilt using different fabrics, beading and stitching to make my blocks. This quilt will also be available for purchase and the proceeds will also go to Becky's Fund.

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