Monday, January 17, 2011

Sugar Skull Make-up

Blue Coble from Phoenix, AZ sent us this photo. "I love Dia de los Muertos and finally decided to dress as a sugar skull in the Halloween of 2009. Still my favorite costume."

I'm always a fan of the make-up submissions we get. Most, like this one are not only influenced by Dia de los Muertos and sugar skulls, but also the artwork of Sylvia Ji. For Blue's costume, I like how she the colors of the flowers compliment the colors of the make-up. The overall make-up design is well balanced with placement of details and colors. The aubergine makes her green eyes stand out. For this Halloween, I too went as a sugar skull. I will agree with Blue, that my costume was my favorite too. There isn't any costume that compares quite like a sugar skull one. It's a good mix of beauty and scary. I've never liked being the gorey scary person. I've always liked being a pretty dead person.

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