Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skull Painting and Drawing

Michael Lado from Maryland submitted us these two pieces. The first one is a painting and the second is a drawing.

I like the contrast between the blue skull and red background. The barbed wire goes well with the terrified expression on the skull. The use of colors makes me think this is a frozen skull sinking into a pit of lava. Definitely a tortured demise was the fate of this skull.

This one depicting a deceased baseball pitcher and his skull ball, makes me think of the legendary baseball players of the past. Are they playing baseball (skull ball?) in the afterlife? I wonder if you throw a ball too hard as a corpse, does your arm rip off and follow along the path of the thrown ball? That would be quite the shock to the batter, catcher and umpire. I wonder if you get three strikes, can you be out or is it a perpetual game with unlimited innings. I like baseball, but not enough to play it for eternity.

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